Sunday, March 6

it occured to me . . .

Why are mermaids selfish, or always portrayed as selfish beings? Not that they are human or inhuman, but always selfish? Well, there are a few stories that come to mind where mermaids aren't selfish (actually only one: Jane Yolen's "The Sea Man ") but everything else that is not yet violated by Disney and Co. all show mermaids as being selfish. Curious. Why, is it the cold of the sea or the salt or the rocks and the shipwrecks, hoards of sunken gold inside skulls? Is it the rotting flesh? I thought mermaids lived farther out, too . . . Maybe it is just the whole thing about Homer--people can be so unforgiving of truth-tellers.


Are mermaids really selfish? Does anybody know?


Anonymous said...

Mermaids are selfish because they don't wear shirts or bras. They think since they're exposing themselves 24/7, they can get what they want. Especially from the mer-men.

It is a time we put a stop to them.

Anonymous said...

Of course not!

Mermaids have scales and fins, and neither possess calcerous exoskeletons nor satisfy any of the taxonomical qualities neccessary for classification as mollusks or arthropods!

So they most certainly are not shellfish!