Wednesday, March 9

and over.

First midterm is over. What a day! Thanks to Gee-off I got my second caffeine fix of the day and was able to sit, giggling maniacally and talking to my ipod, Harriet, while my benefactor looked on in horror.

I think it went well, the midterm. It was difficult . . . *sigh* but I shan't dwell on the horrid past. Instead, I shared a meal with my mother down at the restaurant and then we stopped at a farmacia and bought things for me to pamper myself with, like herbful face masks and jojoba oil (for hair; have been using sweet almond but it doesn't warm well and heads to splotchiness).

And then we went home. My hair smells nice, and this weekend I will clean my room and enter ultra-feminine-mode where I pamper myself to death and then curl up in comfy armchair with properly shapeless sweatshirt and raggy jeans and drink cup after cup of tea, and "reading till I puke", as Danny says.

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