Wednesday, February 2

what. a. pain.

My butt is sore from sitting on a foldable chair for ALL DAY writing for this crazy Modern Novel class. I have learned to love some things and tolerate some things but I will be glad when it is over and I can go back to Malory and Tennyson, McKinley and Tolkien. It is like growing up on chocolate and then being fed mountains of peanut brittle. Beautifully sweet analogy that is hilarious to me right now because it was the first thing I came up with and I am dead-tired. Why am I writing . . ..

good night.


Anonymous said...

I like peanut brittle...good night miss. ;)
~Adam (Lifesong)

Madame Quill said...

You know...the modern novel really shouldn't be a requirement. You can learn much about "modern" writing by reading things of use. Like outdated encyclopedias...

I do hope you can return to rational LITERATURE soon!