Tuesday, February 8

unorthodox blue thoughts: a thesis on cloudy mumblings.

Am easily falling into fluid sort of mood that involves an open mind--too open for my comfort--that will write sad, sweet things that have no meaning but to illustrate experiences conjectured but not yet tangible. Rather, things that will never happen, never be tangible because they happened to younger people. I used to imagine the same things as an eleven year old and I wrote better about them then than I do now. I've published some of it here, but I can never seem to capture the dark blue feeling of the time. I can never get it right! Gah.

These are the times when I listen to the mushy Evanescence songs and wish that I had taken dancing lessons once upon a time. But I don't really. Eww. I can barely walk in a straight line on a good day.

Also the times I wish I had taken piano lessons.

This is such a weird feeling. A good epic poem will dispel it, along with the admittance that I have no many non-ethereal objects around me; my lightbulb shines yellow, my headache is not at all romantic in any sense of the word, I have things like . . . toenails and eyelashes that get in my eyes sometimes. Stop thinking in such a nonsensical manner, my dear. No more tea. Maybe a nice glass of wine or . . . something . . . Back down to earth, no silliness about it, s.v.p.!

And I still wonder why I can't write the same thing and stick to it! If I were to practise that, would it become refined and tend to a good story?


Madame Quill said...

Toenails get in your eyes, sometimes? Wow. You're amazing. I try, but it never happens for me. :)

Writing. I adore how you string words together; you know that. Do you really want to make a story out of some scenes you have crafted? Real or imagine? Then do it. If it seems daunting, start small. Then add some. :) Some people start writing their memoirs as a series of short vignettes and find when they're done that they have a book that just needs some narrative joining. It's very cool.

If you wish to go with fiction, then by all means do so! Your mind is rich with good things to share for the glory of God and expression of yourself. Isn't that wonderful? A delight?

Yes. And Frustrating! At least, it can be for me. :)

Stick to it, ma'am. Just to one. It won't overwhelm you, but it might just surprise you.

*sigh* Me, I didn't get such grace. I had to start with a thirty-chapter novel. *headshaking*

But first. Start with tea. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, you are writing art. It seems as though you are crystalizing fog in your writing here. I get the sense that it's some grey area inside you that you are trying to pluck out, focus on deeper to make it more crystal clear and understandable. But, if this is a longshot, I'm way out there because of a lack of sleep....and it must be a nice trip, this fatigue. I'm trying to stay awake as long as I can, to get back on track with my sleep. Damn loud neighbors woke me up at 3AM!

-Checkin in on you....you magician of words...

Take care.


Brian said...

you should really go see a doctor about that whole toenails in your eye thing. i've heard of ingrown, but that's just crazy