Monday, February 7

tea consumed on mondays: 5 gallons

Lots of work, as usual. I'm thinking about tripping back to Mindsay if I can get my things done today. My writing is difficult to make out anyway . . . drat it all. I'm torn, anyhow. I miss Mindsay scribblings but I can't seem to let them flow out of my hands the way they used to! Bweh. Am stuck with bloggering here boring things. Am feeling pessimistic, obviously. Will pass when caffeine hits system satisfactorily.

So much junk to do today am already feeling as if self must break a sweat trying to write ninety miles an hour. Graaaaa. Ok, so as a reward for getting these things done today I can:

A. go to il gym tomorrow.

B. do more classwork and hence drink more tea

C. read a chapter of something I like after dinner.

I shall now be preoccupied with What I Am Going To Read When I Finish My Work that I will be unable to finish my work and be sullen tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

Jewell said...

oh boy...makes me feel better that I'm not the only doing homework late at night...and also not the only one who cares about it all! Here's to being able to read something you want to tonight!