Wednesday, February 9

my commic disaster

Sheez, one comma is all it takes:) I am replying to everybody's comments in this post, because I am spiting blogger for not allowing threaded comments and I can't seem to get along with tagboards and things that it takes CSS to compile together for something . . . blegh. I am replying here! Mwahaha! I am blogger, hear me type.

Lady Sandy of the Quill: It means a lot to me that you like what I write, so thank you:)

But some of these scenes that pop into my head or that want to be chased around and tackled onto paper are not parts of me, and I read them afterwards with a cup of very strong, very sweet tea just because I can't take them any other way . . . They are quite fiction, but not something I'm proud of writing. They record moments of what I'm thinking at the time, but they don't give me anything but a sense that I'm rewriting and rewriting the same relationships on paper--worse, they are ones I have never experienced and so I haven't a clue whether they are realistic or true. But I still can't figure out how they got into my head.

So if I write a book it will likely be some of the Real things, like studying and traveling. I can't make plots out of thin air. If I do write something fiction it will be a remake of a fairytale or a myth. That would be cool, but it takes a lot to make them "good". Mm. Ideas:) I like it . . . We shall see!

I still can't figure out what God wants me to do with this. He seems to have put the personal memos to me on hold so that I can see what I want and what I am good at but not what to do with any of it. I should be used to it, I suppose. Bwah. He will figure out something.

-Bravehearttttttt: Thanks:) I really don't put a whole lot of effort into the writing that goes on in this blog, but somehow there is a message speaking through me. I wish I could take all the credit! I hope you get sleep soon. I hate jet lag.

Brian: The idea that you read blogs is odd and out of form. Go away.

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