Friday, February 25

even still & "walking on water"

I don't get it. Well, cognitively, I do.

I am constantly tired, and there is an undercurrent of sadness running swiftly through my head even though I can think of the funniest things, make myself helpless giggling, listen to happy songs . . . Just an enormous sea inside me welling with a tide of . . .

That sounds so dumb. All the cliches put together:) Well, it feels dumb too. I am making tea right this very minute, and will go upstairs to Sleep soon.

Almost finished with Walking on Water, by L'Engle, which is neat. I'm not used to reading Christian Inspirational stuff--rather, this book is on the struggles that Christian artists face. I get that, I understand that. It is certainly not a heavy book.

The next light book I want to try and read is called Fresh Brewed Life, but I'm only reading that because I've met the author and she can make me laugh till I'm gut sick.

Next book, hopefully this summer, which I have at least an hour to read before Sleep, is G.K. Chesterton's The Everlasting Man. When I am frustrated or want a different view of something I will open the book to any page and read a few paragraphs--it is sufficient to make me laugh and think and have something to pray about, too.

I look forward to the summer for that book too. These light books are all very well and good but they don't fill me.


Anonymous said...

Here's to you and your reading!

*toasts and sips vino*

-the Geoff

Anonymous said...

Re: Le mer dedans:

Tish tish. A touch too much mead-evil and a spot too little biology, because of course you are right, you just discounted yourself.

We are all seas inside,
We're full of highs and lows
We contain primordial tide,
Celestial ebb and flows.

We are also all stars inside,
We're made up of the blast
Of suns that burned and lived and died
Aeons in the past.

We are all galaxies inside
We spin and glow and soar
Hoping our seas of suns collide
Upon some friendly shore.

Buck up, kiddo. Don't give in to feeling jaded.