Wednesday, February 9

bah. leftover teen angst?

Sometimes I feel it is worthless to try and explain myself to people. It is very frustrating to be often misunderstood by those you think should understand you best. After this, I'm worried about what will happen if I do find somebody who sticks around and understands things. I feel a bit as if I will become an eccentric old lady who lives in an attic somewhere and teaches sharply--the kind of person who will not keep current in her field.

Oh yeesht, I cannot explain myself even TO myself here. What a pain. I am having a bad day, now. Gah. I need more sleep. I think I am getting sick.

Time to go read some Spenser. I've been wanting to read Faerie Queene.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Gee-off and I am one who suffers from misunderstoodedness too. Or something.

It's amazing that I can convince myself that everybody is going to perceive me exactly as I feel that they should. It doesn't work. There's just no way. I guess the best way to live is to be your own best friend and keep your thoughts on pleasing God firstly. With time, He'll show you how to deal feeling this way.

And judging from my score on your recent Quiz, I don't even know you that well. However, I did figure that you wouldn't tell anyone who you thought WAS the hottest guy in all of fiction.

Your friend,

C'est Moi

Harbin said...

Beware the february logic!
Chocolate and light are required!
Don't worry, this will all be over soon.
Warm nights and the smell of the whole town cooking are just around the corner.
Heat is brewing.
These are the days of the growing light.
The grass and leaves are about to return.
There will be bright afternoons and the green shade of the trees will fall on the green lawns and the verdance will be overpowering.
Then it will be August, and unbearable.