Friday, January 14

tasty breakfast

Chop up a green apple and about half that amount of cranberries. Put in fruit-chopper-upper with some honey (I like two tibblesps) and take out all of your frustration about the nasty things you must do that day on the little button that crushes, mashes, maims, and purees the fruit. When it is suitably speechless, mix in a one-serving container of apricot yoghurt.

Then pour the whole mess into a cup and eat it with a spoon while blogging or listening to Tolkien read aloud on cd or otherwise procrastinating The Day's Work.


Craig said...

Here you are. I notice we two have been increasingly absent from Mindsay.

Harbin said...

I like the bit where the door closes.

I also like Tinuviel, the Hot Water Poem, The Road Goes Ever On and On, and the one that begins 'Upon the hearth, the fire is red.'

Have you ever found an anthology of just the poetry and verse? I haven't.