Monday, January 31

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I have recently been more occupied with people (what with some traveling, some being sick, some having hard work days) than with my studies and so look upon my coming week's work, minus today of course, and it is swamped. I am expected to finish three novels by Thursday. I am half-way through one, twenty pages into another, and not even cracked the cover on the third. It isn't as if we were given more than a week's notice that we were discussing them, but a four-day notice that we should have them FINISHED . . . I probably whine.

It just seems overwhelming to do that, respond to at least two other answers in each of minimum three threads for four classes, and analyse a few smaller pieces, starting a paper into the bargain.

My LOTR jacket came today, and I love it. Dorky, yes, but then I am dorky. I love denim jackets. I have been neglecting my leaf-thought journal of late in favor of a moleskine day journal and a subject-diary (daily) with all this academic writing and only ONE blog presently (I hope to get back to Mindsay soon, maybe in the next week or two). I love writing, but MAN it can be tiring at times. Maybe I am in training for something; a dissertation! On what? Not a clue. I shall write something brilliant one day and surprise you all by getting paid for it, or something. I wish I could write for a living. Wouldn't that be great? Yeah.

Anyway. Enough dreams for tonight. Time to read and then to sleep, and gym tomorrow with lots of classwork to cover. I will read The Blithedale Romance tomorrow; our assignments are due on it Thursday and I haven't cracked it. Wuthering Heights, thankfully, is started, but not discussed yet. I still have to get around my calendar for all of my new classes and their finally posted syllabi.

Slightly overwhelmed. Recognize this, have cup of tea, make a list, have another cup of tea, prioritize, have another cup of tea . . .

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