Friday, January 21

the sound and the banana

I have one discussion topic and two questions to post on before I can relinquish Faulkner for the night. After which:

I will put a load of laundry in the washer. I will take a hot shower and finally wash my hair. I will turn on the space heater in my room. I will listen to The Return of the King till I croak, or fall asleep.

Oh, how I look forward to Faulkner-free days. Running all this trash through my head makes me feel like I am running trash through my head, or something. Bad, anyway. Gwosh.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings, O Damsel of the Word! So, what reward do you have for yourself upon completion of the dreadful Faulkner? Can you immerse yourself in some other, nicer, mind? Or must you continue with the Odious Orange Opus???

I am sitting here drinking orange soda. What was I thinking? I am not fond of it, but when wishes a soda and this is all there is, then this is all there is.


I have been having, as you may have read, a dip in the DPM today. It was not fun. Nor productive. I got no work done on my personal OPUS. But I watched a stupid movie and took a shower, washed me hair and feel better now.

Praying faithfully,

Madame Quill