Monday, January 3

me and my choices

I need to make up a to-do list of stuff that needs to happen before the new term starts. Oh, how I hate it! It looms over me, not in the sense that it would go away if I actually made up the list, but that I dread the drudgery of the items on that list. Much of it will be rereading bits of unpleasant literature and only a portion of it is replying to all my fan mail. The ones that are helping me decide what I want to do with my life are going to be difficult to answer. Bwah.

"Thank you. Your opinion is valuable to me but I have no idea if it will actually come in handy. You see, it ALL DEPENDS ON ME AND MY CHOICES!!"

Scrawnily scraping for a life of books and languages, I am crawling towards my future, dragging my heels and hoping against hope I will get pneumonia right after graduation so that I can wait and see what will happen.

I hate modern literature. I wish I had a neverending cup of coffee and a reserved table in a Starbucks--or better yet, Coffee Grounds. I love that place. Right. Well, I don't have that but I do have a marvelous house and my private library in my bedroom. Or rather, my bed in my private library. It is very convenient.

And I still have to make up that list. I am so glad fewer people read this blog than the antipodes. *sighs and tears out hair*


Anonymous said...

All I need is a room with padded walls, food served three times a day, an iPod, and a guitar. Occasionally a person could come in and talk to me, but that's all I would need to vegetate. Later,


Harbin said...

I despise lists, mahlers, and sousas.

Wait... List...Lizst...Liszt... I am muddled in January.

I think you'll find that the universe in its every aspect depends on you and your choices. This is not flattery. Ultimately all that is verifiable regarding the universe is your perception of it. Thus, should you declare the sky pink or that penguins are the best accountants, such things will instantly come to pass.

As for me, I've a bucket of herring and my w-2 forms; I'm off to have my taxes done!