Monday, January 31

making tea

I woke up late with an unexplained and unprecedented sneeze, and so without brushing my hair but attiring myself in bathrobe and slippers, I stumble down the stairs with Elanor and my laptop to make some tea. Hot tea, strong tea, cream tea, sweet tea. Put the kettle on. It boils. Take teabag out of ceramic "Tea" container (it is Yorkshire Gold, yum) and place in mug. Also fill mug with hot water from kettle.

Wait and hum a little bit, writing blog entries and checking different accounts for What I Ought To Be Doing Today and Gathering Information For Later Work. Then put sugar into the mug, and cream (you can mix a little whipping cream and milk if you are in a place that doesn't have half-and-half, like Italy) and stir it around a little, humming, and testing the heat to see if it will scald your tongue.

When it is cool enough, drink it in sips and gulps, but not all at one go. This mixture of plant sap, cow juice, and leaf extract is just what you need to revive you after an Endymion tripping episode . . .

I wanna go back to sleep.

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