Friday, January 28


I have four more posts at least to make for this class, then the next three classes I will stay up tonight to finish the work if I have to! Whatever happens, I am trying NOT to do any work of this sort tomorrow. Only reading tomorrow, if anything. Whew. There, I've told somebody about it and now must hold to it.

I also promise to write more to people; am reserving Sunday night to write to everybody if cleaning is too preemptory tomorrow to merit an evening of leisure. Wow, I am getting stuff done. Am muchly happy at going to the gym, too, except that the lockers are possessed.

Ok, really. Back to work. Maybe by the time February gets settled in I will be able to return to Mindsay.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me, bookworm! *tips hat* Just stopping by to say hi!