Wednesday, January 26

it is wednesday

Yes, well, my teeth are sore from an unfortunate orthodontic appointment (did you know I have braces? I do, bottom and top, with extra chains and brackets) and I have a lot of introductions to read for my classes that began on Monday. I have advanced a level of difficulty at the gym and have blisters from my new sneakers. All of the cats are asleep in my room and it has stopped snowing outside my window.

Am feeling good after trip to gym but wish that all of my classwork was on mp3 so that I could check it to my ipod and study there too. Bwah.

I love Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler. I adore it. It is my favorite book so far from this tiresome Modern Novel class. I am going to post about it and then finish it.

Am going to make dinner tonight; simple meal of hammy roasty sort of thing and roast potatoes and maybe carrots with brown sugar on them. I want carrots with brown sugar on them, they are so yummy.

And now it is time for me to go downstairs and hum about books. I need a change of scene.

postscript: I have received several emails in the last few days and I am going to reply to them, really I am, but it might take another few days. Am trying to convince self that it is better to finish schoolwork before personal letters and then can reward self with scribblings. Classwork abounds around me at present and I will get to them if not before the end of the week, definitely on the weekend. *sigh*

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