Saturday, January 22

comfortable skirts

Am feeling very much a girl today; am wearing long skirt, veritable jewelry (ring and earrings), have left hair down except for four tiny braids (two on each side) tied up in back. Is very nice feeling to be clean and free to let one's imagination wander a little. Of course, I have broken a dish and fallen down the stairs as well, both of which are more normal circumstances. I read in front of the fireplace for an hour or so--assigned reading, but nathless good stuff.

Time for a photo, I think. It is one from this summer, but ah, well,I am not going to try and photgraph myself for you. A back shot, as usual, I suppose. Can't exactly post full pictures of me up here, can I? Silly internet. Ok, let us see if this Flickr thingy works like it did earlier.

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