Saturday, January 15

binge-reading and list-making

Alright. So I was at the crying stage. That is hopefully done. Now I have a lot of new ideas and possibly a structure for What Must Be Done. I have to digest all of this before I go on to actually running with it all. That is what I am doing now. I hope the running part is next, but not for another day or two. I don't know what happens next.

But I have to get some work done . . . Classes begin almost next week, so I must get my head around some of this stuff soon; like, this week. I think the next few days will be those of list-making and chronic Lord of the Rings bingeing. Yes, I still must parallel-paginate half of The Two Towers from my Alan Lee illustrated centennial edition to the unabridged Rob Inglis Recorded Books Inc. version on my ipod.

Thankfully, a cheapy gym will be opening here soon so I can sit on cycle machines or walk at ridiculously a slow pace on the treadmill while listening to stories.

There are no apples to make smoothies today. I am distraught. Am turning on Lord of the Rings movie soundtrack now.


Anonymous said...

Walking, jogging, and running are all very good things! I always feel better after a good exercise routine. Make sure you stretch out real good before and after; then you take a long hot bath. Yeah....You'll feel like a million bucks, Rika.

Anonymous said...

Hello, ma'am! Just wanted to come by and send greetings. I am in prayer for you. :)

I didn't know you could make apple smoothies! How? I have all these apples I need to eat and some yoghurt... Maybe I should Google up a recipe?

The treadmill beckons. Cyclone and I have taken to reading Snicket books while walking (2.4 miles an hour...ridiculously slow pace) and we enjoy it immensely.

I do hope your Monday is better than most Mondays that are all about the world!


Harbin said...

Activity will doubtless make you feel better; it boosts the serotonin levels and helps the body to wash away stress chemicals.

Happy Sweating!