Friday, December 3

think "christmas"

What a very interesting evening. I have learned many things about several friends and have done no class work whatsoever. I am still regretting the Christmas Poems blog but I suppose I will have to finish it tomorrow. Or at least begin it tomorrow.

Why am I putting off so many things? It is so very strange! The house is clean, people are fed, my friends have been written to. Why is it taking me so long to get this stupid thing done!? It shouldn't have taken me this long. Tomorrow. That does it. Tomorrow.

And then: think "Christmas", dahling.

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Harbin said...

This is what you get for focusing on literature so much without at least a smattering of biology.

As the days shorten, our bodies try to conserve energy, knowing by evolutionary instinct that cold, dark weather surrounds us. Our brains try to minimise our movements, because the glucose they use as fuel is harder to make. Serotonin is one of the first cerebreal by-products to suffer from this slowdown.

So have regular doses of chocolate, lots of light, and know that everything will seem better once the solstice arrives.

Cheer up,