Friday, December 31

new years entry

I finally wrote a Mindsay blog entry that didn't warn people that I would! I am so in a funk about writing. I think most of it has to do with some things that have been going on lately (most of it being these classes that take up so much time and trying to figure out where I am going to apply for postgraduate studies and what for: M.Phil? M.A.? *sigh*) and maybe it will all settle down soon. Especially interpersonal junk that is going on. Holidays are so packed full of people and orthodontist appointments.

I have a new bracket and a new chain and my orthodontist smelled like Ramen noodles, the chicken kind. The hygienist smelled like stale mouthwash and cologne. Weird, the things you notice lying for 45 minutes looking at bright lights with your mouth open while lots of sharp metal instruments poke around at your gums.

A nightmare, really.

So. I am all bummed about a few things; Rochester and Prof. Charlotte (what did I call her again?) are all being difficult. Gah. Harbin, I wish you could tell me what to do in your witty, easy way. I cannot seem to throw sequins in anybody's eyes and have no gold to show underneath for it anyway. Oh, weird. I can't even give a good analogy right now. Darnit. Leibniz, I need a Marchesque! I have been afraid to try and write something for him until now, but maybe I can come up with something soon. I have not had a creative spurt for months now and am feeling so dumb about it! But that is just me. Bweh. Sandy is going to smile at me:)

good new year. lots of books. woot.

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