Tuesday, December 28

journaling the new year

I have a moleskine day journal that I'll be using primarily this coming year, which requires that I write a page in it per day. I don't think it will be hard, though I usually write in 2-5 page spurts in my current journal.

I bought another journal while I was in Scotland, a little pocket size one that has days in it, too--I shall write down funny things I see everyday, or else (!). And when I am feeling particularly miserable I will read Robert Browning, make faces at myself in the bathroom mirror, and read this book.

A few more odds and ends to fill up my current journal (I had hoped to do that before the new year hits, but I really doubt it, now).

Got the best compliment from one of my professors, recently. Am still hyped and keep the window open on my compy when am feeling grumpy. Am going to take full advantage of his thinking well of me and ask him to tutor me in my studies. Maybe. If I feel really bold and courageous.

Humm. Everyone is waking up. Am glad Jackob is here too. Even though it is odd to have an octave-lower voice in the house during the daytime. Time to get up and do things, time to read, time to fight, time to fly, time to be totally ridiculous and not regret it for a minute.

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