Monday, December 6

breeeeeeaaaaking my heeeaaaaaaart

Ok ok now tell me what to do. I really want to go into Medieval Lit., but it won't do anything for anybody. I want to teach college classes. But in the end, what will it do for people? Nothing. It is what I love. What do I do? It will break my heart to change now! I hate it, but I want to DO something. I'm still ready to change the world. I hate it, but I've already made a decision. If only it didn't make a difference!


leibniz said...

exactly how is it that you love medieval literature, only to declare that it "won't do anything for anybody"? you seem to deny the impact of it upon yourself and, by way of consequence, deny that it could have a similar impact upon others.

perhaps you will, indeed, discover your calling to be more pragmatic; if so, you should of course take heed. i would, however, not be so quick as to dismiss the noble calling of education, however obscure the premise.

there is an old adage about how one should go about eating an elephant - one bite at a time. changing the world is not so different.

Harbin said...

You have to do what you love, lest all else extend bleak and colder from its absence.

Keep in mind too, that in this modern age, there will be more opportunities to teach online and to a broader array of students.

You're good at this; you can do it.

Chin up,


Anonymous said...

Hey...I went through exactly the same trauma about What Good Will Chaucer Do Anyone? when I was a junior in college. My mother ranted, actually, about my taking Shakespeare and Chaucer.

"What possible purpose will that serve, Sandi?"

I didn't know, but I took them anyway.

I have never, ever regretted it. Never.

Will being able to pronounce Middle English save the world? No. But then...most of my lit studies will not. What I did learn, that HAS helped me, is that people are people...they always have been and always will be. Chaucer captured their essence, way back when.

I can only hope I can do as well in the future.

Nothing wrong with literature. Do not flagellate yourself. It is your current chosen field and it is an honorable one.

Besides...medieval lit is so...different! :)

~~Sandi Layne~~