Thursday, December 16

breaking my heart, pt. 2

I feel sick. I want to throw up. I want to cry. I wonder whether a thousand times over whether I am committing every sin of pride anybody has ever accused me of. I wonder whether a piece of me has just committed suicide. Regardless of how important I am in the scheme of things, regardless of what other people are thinking of me right now, regardless of how I am supposed to try to feel about this, it hurts.

I know, it isn't as serious as it sounds, and I am making a fool of myself here. But you won't believe me if I don't.


leibniz said...

a fool does not one's pain make. with time will come clarity; in the meantime, trust in those things from which hope springs eternal.

warmest wishes,

Harbin said...

Pride, my dear? You are the most unassuming, self-deprecating person I've ever met other than me. I'm tops at humility, myself, but you're a close second.

That said, hurt less, regulate your breathing, and stretch. You have control over who you are and what you become. What a wonderful situation!

That failing, paint the cats. Search amazon for "Why Paint Cats" for examples.

Pip pip!