Saturday, November 20

Teatro San Sniffle

Professor for whom have lost so much sleep replied to posts with short answer. Am going to cheerfully ignore him. Am tired of being nice to him right now, esp. as have cold and accompanying peeves.

Annoyances and peevish glances only relieved by excessive reading and mulling over The Nine Tailors. When I move out, I hope to have three cats. One of them at least will be named "Batty Thomas". Must get up motivation to do to other than sit in room and drink tea all day.

Must also write about last night's expedition to Teatro San Carlo, where we had our own box and where I tried not to sniff but failed miserably. Also wore make-up for first time since . . . a long time ago. Felt very nice to get home to fuzzy slippers and sweatshirts but was an irreplaceable memory. Wore high heels. Note to self: wear high heels only in great emergencies. Also go to Teatro San Carlo again and sit way way way up in the top balcony with a notebook for writing.

And find out which seats are the veriest cheapest. During matinees. Am in love with a theatre.

Doubly fascinating because have recently finished The Scarlet Pimpernel for the millionth time and T. San C. was around during the French Revolution.

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