Saturday, November 20

postscriptum on last entry

No I was not drunk at time of scribble (DATOS). Am in physical discomfort and have major problem deciding what I think about Peter Walsh, because I am not sure if I do not like him. Have resolved that no matter the attachment to Peter Walsh or degree of affection, am still very much taken by Peter Wimsey.

How's that for double negatives! Ha! Let me continue on in that vein. While I sleep. We'll see if I get around to typing in my sleep. Maybe I should have taken limoncello (or however one spells that very sticky yellow sweet liquid alcohol) instead of a generic brand of stuff like Nyquil.

Good night, dusty, windy world. May your white sands be smooth and your forests be deep, your mountains be unconquerable and your seas inscrutable.

Yours truly,

miss rika

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