Tuesday, November 30

on the discovery of a tantrum

Found a rant on somebody's blog that sounds as if they know me, because somebody I know has brought out all the points that this blogger brought out and then stapled them to my forehead. Am having very mixed feelings about this. Want very much to confront the stapler after having read this blog entry.

Am trying not to be mad, but am reminded of the hurt. Am told sometimes that I act like a martyr. Am trying to stop. However, every time I ask for help thinking differently, the people who are supposed to be helping me try to mold me into them . . . a hard fit that will have me broken in about four seconds flat. Am trying very hard not to give up on the relationship.

Have tried to do that before and must insist on my own person. It is difficult.
Yeah. It won't be long, now, though.

Of course, this is just from my point of view and sometimes I haven't a clue what is really going on when I experience a feeling. I try to know and learn . . . Dash it all. Today was so sweet.

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