Sunday, November 21

oh the cleverness of me

Cat is on lap, roommate of laptop compy. Feel like am going to throw up or lose some important mental function through my nasal passages when a sudden bout of sneezing takes my olfactory sense to an astral plain of chaos. Ha ha.

Mrs. Dalloway is very sniffly and interesting in the same way that Joyce is interesting. I don't take kindly to people who portray homosexuality and/or suicidal tendencies in a way that is meant to be entertaining in a gentle sense. (Irony is different.) Perhaps I am taking life too seriously. I tend to do that, I know.

Lips are still chapped beyond ability to whistle and nose stuffiness has increased by 50%. Am now a mouth-breather, but resolve not to tuck sweaters into pants or hike pants up to bra line. Mouth-breathing, would like to emphasize, only temporary.

Want to write in paper and leather journal but cannot because hands are weakish and will not stay still or move the directions I want them to. Is stupid to be sick.


anna. said...

you need to have a button made so that i can link to you on my site. because i have a nifty-hey button bar now. i'm going to have my site re-vamped by a pro. and i want a freakin' button bar with YOU on it.

thank you.

anna. said...

ps. let the battle of the buttons begin.

my button designer could beat up your button designer.