Saturday, November 27

meaningless entry

Just said goodbye to a bunch of guests and am now thinking seriously about some Renaissance poetry. Sonnets, in particular. Am also highly considering leaving dishes until this afternoon. Dash it all, it is afternoon already. What a funny way to live the day.

Somebody is filling up the fireplace, somebody else is talking about moving the furniture about, and others are getting their bearings sleeping on the couch and trying to figure out the meaning behind the damask pattern of material on said couch. Yet another is downstairs on a chronic videogame split.

I would like a cup of tea, please, and a veto option on classes. Oh, Christmas break cannot come soon enough. I love them dearly, you know, but they tire me out. Like some people I know, heh. Let's not get too deep, shall we?

Right I am going away. Will blog on Mindsay, which means must think nice things. Ha ha. Wish new Harry Potter book would come out.

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