Saturday, November 6

drunken shepherds

I found a medieval play in my NAEL that gives me pause; I'd fain learn more of this. Any second thoughts about majoring in Medieval and Renaissance Lit.? Yeah, yes, yea. This stuff is hilarious. "Christ's cross me speed!" says the shepherd who is about to see Christ in his cradle.

It puts me in mind, really, of an old play I saw back when my best friend and I used to be able to see plays together--it was called Mysterie and it was, suitably, a Mystery Play, like the ones of old--and the recurring theme was the trinity of a man, a woman, and a tree. It was complete with drunken shepherds stealing sheep from each other and though rather "sely" made their witnessing of Christ's infancy very funny. No, it isn't heretical; Christ had a sense of humor too, trust me.

Ok, anyway, back to work.

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