Thursday, November 18

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"The island of Utopia is two hundred miles across the middle part where it is widest, and nowhere much narrower than this except towards the two ends, where it gradually tapers. These ends, curved round as if completing a circle five hundred miles in circumference, make the island crescent-shaped, like a new moon."

The bold indicates alliterative words and the italics are an example of repeating sounds. Some antitheses:

"not rough, but placid"
"shallows on one side, [...] rocks on the other"
"uncouth inhabitants to such a high level of culture"
"first had laughed [...] were struck with wonder and terror"

And my personal favorite, "Men, not hens". As far as I recollect (maybe this is my youthful naivete in the Ways of the World as we know it) men do not lay eggs.

This is written in a very simple narrative style and yet "More wrote Utopia in Latin for an international audience of humanist intellectuals" (intro to More) so it wasn't exactly trying to get a manifesto out to the peasantry. Class notes (Ren. Poetry, Pt. 2) specify that More didn't believe that even the Bible should be open season reading for the general public.

All references shamelessly ripped from p. 511-512 of the NAEL vol. 1 except where noted.

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