Friday, November 19

colds and social schedules.

Am not feeling good. Have cold. Colds are from the devil. Esp. after I went through all that trouble to write such a good set of analyses! Well, maybe they weren't that good, but still. I am in no mood to hush my ego when my chest feels so tight that I might burst a lung if I had a fancy to yawn.

Heh. Yes. Well, I am going to go take myself a shower and clean the kitchen and take cold medicine. And make tea. I really really need tea. I NEED tea. Tea is good for you, and also caffeinated. I want to go back to sleep. It is useless.

Somebody had better post on my little typing binge in the classroom or I . . . will . . . uhh . . . POST some MORE. So there. I'll do that Monday, or something. Concert tonight, party tomorrow, church the next, and then antitheses in Medieval and Renaissance literature. Shockingly busy social schedule.

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