Monday, November 22

beginning to feel like winter

Am still cold and sleepy but happily mumbling along to Trans-Siberian Orchestra in most fascinated way. Nose is not so bad now, but throat is killing me. Posted things and am still upset with Prof. Humphrey. His name is now Humphrey, doesn't mean it is on legal documents, of course. Prof. Deidre (not her real name either) has been very nice to me recently, so she gets points.

Time to go to sleep, but I'm afraid I will be cold. Wrote a blog entry for Mindsay today and got a quick rush of replies and well-wishings. I'm feeling very warm-fuzzied and glad to have friends online like them. I am beaming at my bulletin board.

Oh, and I added another group of paper-scraps to my room on the back of my door--my new year's resolutions. I never think of them on new year's eve so I'm thinking of them now and putting them up now. I take them a little seriously and do try to complete and conquer them. I completed one of last year's--"write more". Heh. Good night.

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