Wednesday, November 24

back with a vengeance

Not well yet, but am getting self excited about Christmas by listening to ohletmeguess whatamIlisteningto Trans-Siberian Orchestra!! Vacation is going to be fun. I am going to get some schoolwork done tonight! Seriously!

I am naughty. I made myself a pot of espresso and I intend to procure not only one shot but the whole pot and bring it to the clandestine meeting place of My Room.

My sister just brought me tea. I love her.

People on Mindsay are so nice. If I hadn't established a reputation there I would rave on and on every few minutes there but I like the change, too, so this is ok. There is just no community over here. People over there are cool. Blogger people are just individuals. I'm sure some of them are perfectly alright. Just not as good as Mindsayers.

Now, to take a the shower and to do some of a the schoolwork with the the compy.

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