Monday, October 11

on sir gawain

This poem emulates the style of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and was written as a partial piece about one of my exams that I took--the class was on Arthurian Legend and I very much enjoyed it.

As a child, I read this story, on a day quite sniffly
When at home, was safe from the stares of librarians,
And was poured tea, by my pillow a pile of books
Laid down while my Mother did sweep and mop
So besieged on the sofa I silently pored
Over hours and ages of honorable knightly deeds.
The strength of this story and its strong hero
As fine as had those faithful fives—how fair
That he could cleave to such a creed
And yet fall because he was fain to bid farewell
To the fervor of life, and so that fateful fabric
The now-garish green was girded about him forever
That in remembrance when asked he could rede
Other knights who in ignorance acted arrogantly
And better the knights so bold and yet brash.
The valour of this knight, and virtue--
Humble yet with honor held--
Appealed to my idealism true
Gawain the title "hero" truly held.

copyright rika m. 2004

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