Saturday, October 2

in rucksack

  • textbooks
  • laptop compy (headphones, adapter, screen-cleaner)
  • favourite writing utensils (fountain pen, mechanical pencils, extra ink, .5 and .7 lead, nice fat eraser)
  • personal journal
  • travel/class notebook (moleskine)
  • Bible (NIV)
  • personal documents (tickets, I.D., etc.)
  • disposable camera
  • bottle of water
  • lotion, chapstick, chewing gum
  • fold-up-able umbrella
  • towel.

And the weather looks cold and rainy! Woohoo!


Jewell said...

a towel is "about the most massively useful thing an intersteller hitchhiker can have."

So good for you!

I like the moleskines the best though, I love mine and don't go anywhere without it peaking out of my backpocket with my favorite pen!

miss rika said...

I am well aware of the repercussions of traveling with no towel, and am therefore taking pains to bring one along. Luckily, I have one from a summer trip where we had to take as little as possible, and I have one that is travel-friendly and fast-drying. It also has little VW vans on it, which is definitely a plus.

Moleskines are cool, but not my favorite. I need to really need to see how it ages before I make that kind of a commitment . . . :)