Tuesday, September 14

romancing the grail

We are beginning to study the Grail stories, now, and I imagine a good number of Monty Python references should come in handy. The problem is finding a very tactful way of inserting them into links without making it perfectly obvious what you are trying to do (make faces behind the professor's back).

The down side of this study is that I have over two hundred pages to read and I'm supposed to have finished them already this week. In that light, I am rather disappointed with myself, but reading it all last week would not have made it any easier for the information to sink in. Last week wasn't the best time to be doing serious stuff like that, anyway.

Thank heavens we are nearly done with Tristan. A new conference has been posted and suddenly a light beamed down from heaven and somewhere a harp struck a fabulous chord of C. Now we are going back to the Cretin, who is surprisingly better than Gottfried von Whatsisname, not for obvious reasons (unless you've read my last post). I had been about to go to desperate measures with the Cretin but with an air of counter-irritant-cy in waltzes von Whozawhat and then suddenly the Cretin became a nice guy.

Looking through the information that the internet has to offer at first pair of keywords, there are plenty of interesting things to see. One site has a complete libretto and a horrible midi file that plays Wagner's Parsifal, and another one has Grail earrings. Who would've known? The Pagan and Christian symbolism should be fun to nitpick out of this study. Through the Camelot Project, I found some easy-read pieces about the Cretin as well, which I'll definitely look over after I finish reading the assigned stuff.

Of all the stuff we've plowed through or happened upon this semester, only the story with Owein and the gwyddbwyll game compares with this in humor potential.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the grail... what an amazing topic to study :) (take that from an Atheist who views such things under a different light).


miss rika said...

To Dessie: Indeed, it must be an interesting viewpoint to come from. Unforunately we are looking at historical perspective, otherwise it would be really telling from the feminist view as well . . . we could deconstruct all of this, vivisect it . . .