Saturday, September 25

right-ho, peeves.

Here I am at a little past noon drinking my latte and trying to get rid of some spearmint oil by burning it, and it smells nice, but seriously I am ready for that little bottle to be empty. I rarely ever burn the stuff and I've had it for much longer than the recommended 6 months.

Today is the "continuing writing the paper" day and I really can't figure out why it isn't just flying off my fingers and finished last night. Honestly, I expected it to be. I guess I haven't written an academic paper in a couple of months and so now it feels weird to be doing so. This paper isn't exactly intellectually stimulating, either. Stuffed full of generalizations and vague references. The few specific references are to bits of incoherent manuscript full of symbolism we hardly recognize.

Ok, enough griping, dear. Time to get to work seriously this time instead of writing a blog entry which won't really inspire you any more than the spearmint oil or the coffee, which, by the way, are tasting and smelling oddly because of each other.

Two bottles of water, a Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser, my trusty mechanical pencil, and Take Five. There are plenty of bits of paper lying around and I can also use my white board. Right-ho, Jeeves.

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