Thursday, September 23

a real doozy.

What a fabulous way to start a day. I think I'm getting sick. I'm not feeling good, that's certain. I wonder, though, is it my mood that is just affecting my body? 'Cause sometimes it does that. I consider it very impractical to overreact by making my body recognize and adopt the topographical features of my mood. Most upsetting.

Anyway, it was a bad day yesterday, and a bad morning this morning, and I have some things to think through before letting my mind wander while my mouth is open. Write that down.

I did book-cross something yesterday evening at the library with a post-it note on it that proclaimed its interest in social reform and liberation. However, I did not get that outline written. Drat it all. It is due next week. Or the end of this week. That means I have only a bit of time left. At the time, though, it seemed much more important for me to be running errands with a sister.

Glumly gloomy obfuscations. Anyway. I have a bit of Anglo-Norman literature to hum about and a poem to vivisect before lighting votive candles to the patron saint of outlines.

I did find an interesting article that might be interesting to Certain Persons who may or may not be reading this blog.

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