Friday, September 10

postmodern Gawain and his ability to reply to comments

My paper topic, tentatively, is where on the continuum Gawain lies on being an elect or a representative hero and how that affects the meaning of the story. A lot of the riddles and forms in the poem seem to point at irony, so we'll see where this one goes. For a little while I entertained a day dream brought on by toasted almonds that figured individualist societies always seeing elect heroes and collectivist societies always choosing representative heroes. It would probably make a good short story but for the fact that I'm terrible at writing them.

I also cannot figure out how to reply to comments here like I used to on Mindsay. So boo on Blogger. If you see your name in bold somewhere down the line it will be me responding to your comment.

Mindsay is coming along a little bit at a time, but I am having troubles with layout. I may decide simply update my blog once a week over there and keep this one. I don't know. I kind of like the change. *sigh* We shall see how things go.


Anonymous said...

A button for you, m'dear:

miss rika said...

Got it:) Thanks!