Thursday, September 9

portents of autumn

I have tickets for my autumn trip now, and I received a letter from my host welcoming me to join the party. I have been excited before, but the fact that I am really going is accented by the small details that I must remember. Prosaic things like having to remember to buy travel-size toiletries and to bring walking shoes become sparkling hints and clues like a legend on a map. Some things only do I know: there will be unfamiliar names on the maps, and maybe there will be cobblestones on the streets.

Tonight, at this house, there have been very strong winds that do not whip around or buffet stones but instead whistle through the cracks in the windows and doors. It sometimes feels as if there was an ocean lapping at the doorstep, making our haven treacherous to find and dangerous to navigate to. The winds come in September, a shadow of what they will be at full height and frenzy in November. Right now they are just crazymaking.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table this late at night with a cup of Earl Grey tea and knowing beyond doubt that the soles of my feet are clean and pink. This thought is comforting.

Wind whines and whines the shingle,
The crazy pierstakes groan;
A senile sea numbers each single
Slimesilvered stone.

james joyce, On the Beach at Fontana


anna. said...

i have a new button. visit to get it, please. :D


bookworm said...

How very frustrating that you left Mindsay. Mindsay is definitely the poorer for it. I read your profile--have you seen the Brother Cadfael films on PBS? "One Corpse Too Many" was one of the best, I thought. I too love Wallace & Gromit as well as most other claymation.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased your autumn has arrived ahead of the calendar! :-)

It must indeed be refreshing to have the soles of the feet clean. It can make enjoying your tea that much more relaxing, I think.

Little things that people take for granted...imagine. Well, I think you do very well in appreciating them.

Thank you for sharing!!


miss rika said...

To Anna:Heh. Got the button. How does it look? The font is not what I expected of you, honestly . . .

miss rika said...

To Bookworm:

Thanks for your kindness. I'm trying not to leave Mindsay totally. Not yet, anyway. Like I said earlier, I love their sense of community and the networking system they have set up. The biggest problem I have with Mindsay is the way Adam and Brian run it . . .

Anyway, yes, I have seen some of the films and I totally agree with you that "One Corpse Too Many" was one of the best of the lot. I love the actor they got for Hugh Beringer though I didn't take to him at first, but Godith could have used a little bit of work with trying to look and act like a boy:)

Wallace and Gromit! huzzah!

miss rika said...

To Sandyquill:

*sigh* It is nice to see your name on the comment list because you are consistently kind. Always. I love having clean feet. And I love autumn winds. And I love the little things in life that make me smile. Here is one I found in a Shakespeare play once:

[Enter JULIUS CAESER in his nightgown]