Saturday, September 25

my research companion

Through my searches, I've found plenty of articles and histories, lots of pictures and images of Beowulf, but I've found one I'm taking with me through this journey of scribbling. To tell the truth, I've grown rather fond of the little chap.


Brian said...

It's a giant piece of peanut butter filled celery, I think, which means he is hungry.

miss rika said...

to Brian:

I went downstairs, came up with an apple and some peanut butter, and found your comment. I don't think it is celery, though. Or maybe he is trying to feed someone. Or maybe somebody tried to steal his celery and peanut butter and he is using it as a weapon.

Anyway, Beowulf didn't use a sword in his major battles, but your comment certainly makes a good case for an alternate weapon.

Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
internet quasi-celebrity

miss rika said...

to good heavens jason:

I suggest a good dramatic reading of "The Battle of Maldon" will cure what ails you (namely, your last blog entry). Blegh. How do you write so much of that stuff?