Wednesday, September 8

just about to go to sleepy

It is the end of the day, most everyone is upstairs sleeping, and I am left to shut things down, including my computer, before heading up that direction myself.

I did finally get a tentative topic for my paper. I'm still unsure about it, though, so I emailed my professor and in his nearly infinite wisdom concerning these matters, I should expect a good response. I already expected one tonight, but I suppose he didn't check his email . . . drat!

Having decided that I would hide on my chat program to see who else was on while I listened to my newest favorite song (Other Hours by Harry Connick Jr.), a friend from thousands of miles away popped up and said hi. So five more minutes, I think, and then I shall act Endymion for at least seven hours.


Anonymous said...

I miss you over at mindsay! Thank you for giving us your alternative address and for adding my link. :-) How very kind of you!

Oh, I saw the pic of you in the German coffee house, if the caption was correct. Nicely done. *smile* You have a gift for hiding yourself in such fashion.

Any word on your paper topic yet?

SandyQuill :-)

miss rika said...

To Sandyquill:Hallo! I miss me at Mindsay too:( and I will certainly continue to read blogs from there even if I can't access all the features. I like Mindsay's sense of community a lot! It has improved since they put it up, though, so there may be a glimmer of hope.

And yes, the caption was correct on the photo:) My sister took it and I, in revenge, took one of her, though hers looks better in color. Hers it at her blogspot blog, link below: