Tuesday, September 7

irresponsible plums

You might think it would be utterly picturesque and delightfully romantic to be picking plums in an orchard across from our house in the twilight of an Italian countryside, laughing with my mother. You might, but you wouldn't have taken into account the slipperiness of ripe and overripe plums underneath the soles of birkenstocks or the fact that Italian orchards are inevitably dusty, not to mention the nostalgic smell of pesticide.

Oddly enough it occurred to me that all of the plums scattered across the orchard under the plum trees, a squashy path of them marking our footsteps thither, were irresponsibly creating a myriad of diarrhea cases merely by default.

Plum jam shall haunt me, plum pies, plum cakes, plum everything! Woe! Woe is me!


miss rika said...

I talked to my dearest Mum and she says that it was not pesticide. Then, I am at a loss as to what the pungent un-plummy smell was.

Anonymous said...

*brings you blog-warming flowers*



Anonymous said...

*more blog warming flowers*

I will be coming to blogger soon also, after a little house cleaning at Mindsay. Maybe we will be lucky and they will clean up there act soon, although I think its too late, they've lost us already...we may just get a little too cozy over here, course we don't have the "community" we had at Mindsay... :( But we can make one! Okay, now I'm rambling on...


miss rika said...

To Bejewell and LaughWithMe:I really like this blog setup much more than the way A&B have the v3 themes and set up options, so I may stay here and just update on Mindsay every week--I don't want to lose that community, which is so much fun:) but I may end up having to anyhow. *sigh* We'll see . . . I can access some of Mindsay now, though not all. It was definitely not a wise move to not tell us when they were scooting.