Wednesday, September 29

I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.

Or at least I seem to be having a war between my hair and hairpins. This is nothing really new, of course. Bobby pins find my hair repulsive, but especially when it has been under the influence of "fortifying" shampoo or somesuch whatsit that makes my hair smooth. I've taken the pins out and set my hair loose upon the world and am wearing a gigantic sweatshirt over my pajamas. That means I look like a great hairy beast from an old science fiction B movie. Rock on, B-movies.

I sat in a little restaurant drinking coffee tonight after walking down there all cold and shivery. Have I said yet that I like to be a bit cold? To feel the autumn! Yes . . . Anyhow, I was thinking how nice it would be to have walked down there all tired and foozly only to be met with warm food and a sweet aunt-like figure who always tells you how skinny you are and how you should eat more and an uncle-like person who always tells jokes and remembers things in a most eccentric fashion. Also, the sherry. I have found that on freezycold winter nights I like a small glass of sherry. It tastes warm and cozy.

Yes, I am weird. I like mead and sherry but not red wine and not beer (bar a little guinness). Weirdo. Why am I blogging about alcohol? I rarely ever drink the stuff, and I certainly didn't tonight unless they put something weird into my coffee that I didn't taste.

Oh, and I've gotten a few remarks saying that I seemed to be out of temper and I also said something about "giving up men" in my last blog entry, which led people to believe that I was lonely. Or something. They usually trail off before the conclusion. I am fine. The quote was from Bridget Jones, for pete's sake. I'm out of temper today because of some gross incompetence on my class boards. The two are very different.

And, the end of Bridget Jones was funny, but I think less of Mark Darcy for having sex with Bridget on their first date, which is rather a frightening concept after the whole point of the book comes out . . . but then Bridget isn't exactly the epitome of anything pure or . . . of average intelligence, even . . .

alas. I will stick to reading Lord Peter Wimsey novels from here on out. At least until I get a hold of the next Bridget Jones book.


Anonymous said...

Bridget Jones, alas, holds no appeal for me since I cannot respect her. Why read about a heroine whom one doesn't respect? I mean, outside of class?

I am sorry to hear that your class boards put you out of temper.

So you look like Cousin It, maybe? I'm envious. When my hair gets long enough to be interesting, it also looks like dried broomstraw. THIN dried broomstraw.

Hope you get some HOT tea, and whatever pastry sounds good after eating all the g-men. :-)

If all else fails...take a walk in your cool evening air. And be glad you're not HERE. lol


miss rika said...

Dear Sandy,

About reading Bridget Jones and not respecting her; there are few heroes and heroines one can truly respect. They all make bad decisions and are inexplicably human. That is what makes us want to read the book, or at least me, anyway. I don't particularly like Bridget as a person, but the book does have some good points in it about friendship and the importance of not pretending to be someone you aren't. Why should I read about Noah? Or Jacob? Or Peter, for that matter? They did do good things, but Noah was a drunk, Jacob a liar, and Peter a traitor.

My class boards will get to be more fun soon:) I am determined.

I did get to looking a bit like Cousin It:) I'm trying to get my hair to go to my knees, but I'm not sure it will go all that way without frizzling and getting thin-broomsticky . . .

now, more tea . . . hope your day is going well!

Harbin said...

Careful! Words like those could start wars... and irrate the throats of small dogs.

...Black jewelled battle-shorts indeed.

Your temperance and independence of spirit are admirable, but don't neglect the spirit itself.

For example, I've bought myself a pot of paper-white narcissuses in an attempt to infuse my abode with scents of spring. So far, though, it still smells of man and cat. Pity.

Hope you are well, happy blasted February and good luck with the lenten fast.


Anonymous said...

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