Thursday, September 23

hey, not bad.

Well, I didn't get a whole lot of stuff done, so drat. However, I do feel better and my schedule is not a little more organized. The other productive things I did today included but were not limited to writing the author of an article that somebody sent to me, talking to a friend via AIM, and washing the dishes.

Also, one of my classmates made a hilarious bunch of "Freudian" slips (Freudian because we were talking about gender symbolism) and I couldn't stop laughing for Quite Some Time. I hope she meant it to be a play on words because if she didn't I am SO in trouble. Even now, I can't help from giggling.

Right, so I'm sleepy. Or maybe just tired. In any case, I'm going to put on comfy pjs and sleep, and try not to kick the cat off the end of my bed. Stupid thing thinks it OWNS the spot. Maybe it does.


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