Friday, September 10

excellent fight scenes, no special effects

One mark of a good story that would probably make or break a storyteller in the telling are fight scenes. You can't very well act it out, but it must be real enough and suspenseful enough that your listeners want to hear what happened and not just who won. Well, I typically don't like that kind of thing but there are a few places I don't mind reading fight scenes. One of them, predictably, is Lord of the Rings. The other one is Beowulf. Weird? yeah, no kidding.

The fight scenes are riveting. Very cool. People try and make it sound boring by saying it is old, saying it is poetry, saying only dusty professors read it, but seriously this stuff is pretty cool:) I found a really neat site to go along with this too that I think I shall have to post on my class. Not only is it annoyingly formatted by it has good information.

The bit I especially like is the full translation with sound bites mixed in between. The sound clips are important because of meter and translation, which is difficult. The cool thing about the sound clips is that they are in a woman's voice! Ha!

Anyway, I can't find a good clip of my favorite part, talking about the sword that Beowulf used to kill Grendel's mother. It had been woven and carved with drawings of giants and how God drove them out with the flood. What it references is the Nephilim, who were supposedly Sons of God. This is a much-disputed bit of the Bible that is really fascinating. I intend to ask God about it one day when we are face to face. Or maybe there will be a book of Frequently Asked Questions.

The sword melts like an "icicle of gore" or something, and only the hilt is left because her blood boiled so hot that it melted his weapon . . . very cool stuff. I can't do justice to it here.

Right, time to sleep. Maybe Grendel's Mum was just PMS-y?

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