Saturday, September 18

drawing religion

I was tired tonight, and so I flumped onto my ugly red armchair and pulled out a tasty book. Somehow it seems I like to save authors like Chesterton and Robert Browning for special occasions, whereas I can read things like . . . well other things every day. So I picked out a nonfiction volume of Chesterton and opened the page. This is what I read first.

"Another distinguished writer, again, in commenting on the cave drawings attributed to the neolithic men of the reindeer period, said that none of their pictures appeared to have any religious purpose; and he seemed almost to infer that they had no religion. I can hardly imagine a thinner thread of argument than this which reconstructs the very inmost moods of the pre-historic mind from the fact that somebody who has scrawled a few sketches on a rock, from what motive we do not know, for what purpose we do not know, acting under what customs or conventions we do not know, may possibly have found it easier to draw reindeer than to draw religion."

--G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man

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