Tuesday, September 7

breakfast table

I was up until about 3 a.m. this morning trying to complete my last post, and therefore groggily at 9 I am up after breakfast rather disappointed that nobody has posted back. Isn't that always the way it goes, though? Bweh on them.

That post was for my Medieval and Renaissance Lit. class; we are studying the first hundred pages of the Norton Anthology of English Lit. (vol. 1) and most of it is Beowulf. Seamus Heaney does a very nice modern translation, a little akin to Fagle's translation of The Odyssey that I studied a bit last term. The modernity bothers me a little, though. I still need to post a substantial main topic on this class.

My other class, on Arthurian Legend, is due for a post on Tristan, which I find truly abhorrent. One cannot say this easily in class because of the ban on subjectivity which is enforced by a well-written, grumpy, concise comment by our Professor who in all other respects is an excellent instructor; possibly one of my favorites. (I can say that here because I posted the address to my Mindsay blog in our introductory discussion of "who's who" in the online classroom, where several other people posted theirs.) In any case, Tristan needs some attention. If all goes well I can lambast him and Gottfried von Strassburg properly if my wit is in top form. ha ha. ha.

I'm having trouble writing here. Usually I can come up with something creative for my blog entries, but this just seems to be all administration information that sounds like it should have "--MGMT" at the end of it. I've put on a good CD of Beethoven's sonatas and there is fresh espresso in front of me. Perhaps what is daunting me is the term paper due for the Arthurian class; 10-15 pages which have no business being difficult as I enjoy most of the subject very much.

*sigh* Maybe later I can get in a bit of reading for my field studies class--presently for that class I've got a good bit of James Joyce to mull over.

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