Tuesday, September 7


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I just posted huge entries into my Medieval and Renaissance Lit. class and I'm feeling very good about myself. Yay, me! I also posted a highly intelligent remark about Tristan and the little psychedelic lapdog that ran around the story. He was psychedelic, trust me. I'm not quoting it here, though, so you can forget about it. My penchant for research does not extend as far as Tristan's dog.

I am going to try posting a picture of my glorious self so that you can ogle at my gorgeous beauty. If all goes well it should be a picture of me in black and white at a German coffee shop with my arm hiding my face . . . not the best picture, but it is a good one. Thanks to my older sister for taking it:)

I still must do some preliminary research for my term paper. That shouldn't be too hard, though, with University subscriptions and beautiful things like that . . .

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